It is ideal for an HPN parish prayer team to meet weekly at the church. The group is expected to arrive spiritually prepared. Members should arrive on time or a little early to visit or to address business.

Intercessors take turns facilitating the meetings and leading the prayer. The facilitator acts as a group leader for a day. The facilitator calls the meeting to order, gives praise/thanks to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, offers an opening prayer of welcome to the Holy Spirit, leads the group in preparing for prayer, offers a psalm/canticle/hymn, and leads the group through prayer points. Once no new prayers are offered, the facilitator closes the prayer time by leading the group in the Lord’s Prayer or another prayer of the group’s choosing.

Over the years, a group of preparatory prayers has evolved and has been printed into a form (shown in Preparatory Prayer for Parish Prayer Teams). At the discretion of the facilitator of the day, the form may be used to prepare the group spiritually to move in unity with each other and the Holy Spirit. Many other prayers of preparation could be used. Whatever form it takes, preparation for prayer should include prayers of adoration/praise, confession, and protection.

Following the opening prayers of preparation, prayers are offered for everything in the mission of the group. This can be accomplished in many ways. A couple of examples would be:

  1. The facilitator of the day could begin with a topic and others at the prompting of the Holy Spirit could continue a focus on the same topic until that subject is exhausted.
  1. The group members could initiate prayer topics as the Holy Spirit leads. Other members could continue to pray for that topic or introduce another prayer point.