What is a Harvest Prayer Network Parish Prayer Team?

An HPN Parish Prayer Team is made up of a small group of people dedicated to meet regularly and to pray with a focus for a particular parish, its clergy, and everything that touches the life of that church.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we pray regularly for the _______________, its clergy, staff, leaders, and parishioners; all ministries, programs, services, and missions; and outreach, local, and international. Prayers are also offered for the Diocese, Bishop, clergy, and staff; for thanksgiving; and other requests as made by the clergy and the Diocese. We pray with thanksgiving for God’s guidance and the wisdom to delight in His will and walk in His way, for forgiveness, for blessings, for protection; to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the light of the Holy Spirit upon this church.

Core Values Of The HPN Parish Prayer Team:

  1. Commitment to God’s call to intentional prayer for the parish and for the spread of the Gospel.
  2. Foundation prayer to begin all sessions is to invite the Holy Spirit. (You will need to give examples of all of this) – Come Holy Spirit (Spirit led).
  3. Under spiritual authority of the clergy, with humility in the group. (Let the priest know you are meeting, get his/her permission, ask for prayer requests)
  4. Location – at the church.
  5. Time – weekly (if possible).
  6. Facilitator-group members rotate leading weekly prayer time.
  7. Arrive spiritually prepared or prepare together as a group.
  8. Spiritual agreement and unity in purpose.
  9. Keep confidentiality of those seeking prayer.


  1. Observe a quiet time before prayer
  2. Submit to each other.
  3. Remain teachable. Provide continuing education about prayer.
  4. Learn about spiritual warfare, praying for protection and blessing.
  5. Suggest a format for meetings and ever-changing prayer list.
  6. Pray from the Prayer Book, from scripture and as the Holy Spirit leads.
  7. Begin and stay small. Let the Holy Spirit add to the group’s number.
  8. Set aside a brief time to visit.
  9. Start prayer promptly.
  10. Take on outside prayer assignments as the Lord calls.
  11. Prayer walk areas the group is led to target. On-site prayer gives insight and invites the God to be present and to act.


  1. Focus prayer time solely on the call or mission of the group.In this case it is for the needs and programs of the parish- not individual needs but program needs. Also pray for the wider harvest field surrounding the church. Put examples here.
  2. Pray for each other or other needs outside the group’s designated prayer time.
  3. Deal lovingly with individuals who would take the group off course. Seek the Lord about them and pray for them but keep the group focused on fulfilling the group’s God given prayer mission.
  4. Failure to keep confidence, loose tongue, or gossip will cause the group to lose trust of parish leaders and members, and eventually become ineffective.