In preparation for the Prayer Room Ministry, the prayer leader will have contacted intercessors and assigned them to prayer watches. Normally 2 hours, covering the meeting. Each prayer watch should have a watch leader to oversee the prayer time. Both men and women are encouraged to participate in prayer watches – All are asked to pray in the days leading up to the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, gather all intercessors and prayer teams an hour prior to start of worship service, meeting, parish event, parish community service meeting.

Worship and pray together in order to come into godly unity. Unity is key to achieving all the Lord has for this meeting. Jesus’ prayer was that we would all be ONE. (John 17) Since the Lord has given the intercessors in the prayer room His authority to cover the conference event in prayer, the atmosphere in the prayer room affects the atmosphere in the conference meeting. If the prayer room is at peace and worshipping the Lord, the same peace is replicated in the conference  meeting. Also, our actions must be submitted to God, to the leaders of the Church, and they must agree with the Word of God.

Basically, through our praise, worship and prayer, God will inhabit the praises of His people (Ps. 22:3) thus creating an atmosphere in which God will move. (But thou art holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel) There may be intercessors from various Christian streams with different gifts and experiences in prayer and prayer temperament. There is no right or wrong prayer temperament or style. Communicating to God in whatever way is always pleasing to Him. We ask everyone in the prayer room to defer to one another and honor the Lord in two specific areas:

First, keep our prayers limited to about 2 minutes in length so that others may join in and share the time as well. No one person should dominate the prayer time. Second, if an intercessor has a prayer language (a gift of the Holy Spirit) please use it quietly and not out loud, as some may not have the same experience or understanding of this gift. This can cause confusion and division in the prayer room; consequently, it can affect the conference or  meeting.

Please come 10 minutes early to participate in your assigned prayer watch hour. This helps in the transition from one team to the next, and allows the next team to get in the flow of prayer that the Lord is directing in the current team’s watch. Please remember the focus of prayer is to worship the Lord and to pray blessings on the conference/ meeting/worship/parish event. This is not a time for personal prayer requests or to pray for other prayer needs, i.e. prayers for the nation, individuals, etc. We have a specific assignment to pray for the parish, the harvest field beyond the parish and/or the specific event and must protect the time from any other distractions.

However, we must also be prepared for some of the staff and speakers who may drop by with specific prayer needs, and we must also be prepared to share and receive prayer that pertains to the current meeting. Welcome them, listen to the request and wait on the Lord to show what might be prayed in response.

Please mute the ringer on your cell phone. We suggest each intercessor bring a bottle of water and a sweater.