Come Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome!

Written by Nancy Beth Roberts

Come Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome
Come Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome

Come Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome!” was written to be a practical book about intercessory prayer. The book is an invitation to each believer to come deeper into a relationship with the living God. It motivates God’s people to know and communicate more intimately with the Father, through the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It also traces the history of the Harvest Prayer Network, including this website, from its beginnings in a small parish prayer group to a movement of the Holy Spirit throughout and beyond a diocese of the Episcopal Church.

Testimonials – What Others Are Saying!

“Seeds begin as small and quiet things. But they contain within them great, fruitful trees of the kingdom with space for many in their branches. Such has been the ministry of the Harvest Intercessors. They are a model of intercessory ministry and an encouragement to us all at a crucial time in our Church’s life, and so is Nancy’s book on prayer, Come, Holy Spirit, I commend it highly to you.”

The Right Reverend George Sumner

Bishop, The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

“This accessible introduction to intercessory prayer will be an encouragement and guide to many who feel called to this ministry but don’t know where to begin. It reveals a secret that hides in plain sight, Jesus’ life and ministry were centered in prayer. It wasn’t a side activity but the engine which drove his mission and ministry—and continues to do so today in the life of the Church.”

The Right Reverend Anthony J. Burton

Rector, Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, Texas

“To grow in prayer is to grow closer to the heart of God, and this book comes from the deep experience of those who have grown wise in prayer. What an encouraging witness they have! Praise God!”

The Reverend Jordan Hylden
Canon Theologian, The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

“ALL mission, all growth, all outreach in the church begins with prayer. Come Holy Spirit, You are Welcome! is a dynamic story of how God moves when His people pray. I have seen churches that were about to close have life breathed back into them and grow through prayer. This book provides practical tools for how you and your church can begin to pray. Come Holy Spirit is a resource and an inspiration to draw us closer to God and His mission.”
Carrie Boren Headington
Canon for Evangelism, The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

“In a culture in which most Episcopal churches are shrinking drastically, Church of the Incarnation is different. Why? I believe a contributing factor is the ministry of intercessory prayer that you will read about in this book.”
The Reverend Joe Hermerding
Associate Rector, Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, Texas

Nancy Beth Roberts Author
Nancy Beth Roberts

As a member of Church of the Incarnation, Dallas; the Daughters of the King; the Order of St. Luke, and as a missionary to Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the inner city of Dallas (providing a “gang alternative” to inner-city youth), Nancy Beth Roberts has witnessed God’s faithfulness in answering prayer for many decades.


Additional copies may be obtained from the Church of the Incarnation Bookstore at or 214-522-2815.