Prayer Room Guidelines for Intercessors

Prayer Room Guidelines

Welcome and thank you for serving in the Prayer Room this year’s meeting.

To help have a seamless time in our groups as we pray, here are a few guidelines to assist in that effort.

  1. First, let us recognize we are operating in the Prayer Room under delegated authority of _____________________. To that end, each “shift” of prayer has a “Shift Leader” whose assignment is to facilitate the time of prayer & worship.
  1. Please begin and end your shift on time to maximize the amount of prayer achieved as well as “passing the torch” to the next team on a timely basis.
  2. Prayer Leaders, please be aware of our surroundings with conference attendees in the hallways, other workshops, etc. in close proximity so the noise levels need to be kept low.
  3. Silence cell phones while in Prayer Room area. Please keep personal conversations out of the Prayer Room. Move to the exterior hallways to talk, answer and receive phone calls. No food or beverages. Water and light jacket recommended for one’s comfort.
  1. In starting the prayer shift, come together as a team to seek the Lord through a moment of silence, worship and waiting on the Lord for direction and focus of the current hour(s) of prayer. We encourage the prayers to be only a few minutes long per person to allow everyone to participate and share in the prayer room experience. What we want to achieve most of all is coming into unity with those gathered as well as unity with the Lord for His plans and purposes to be achieved during your prayer shift. If you are leading the first ‘shift’ of the day, please ask the Lord to give us His agenda for the whole day of prayer, open the doors of the prayer room and invite the Holy Spirit to be with each of the prayer teams. Ask for all teams to be blessed, all that concerns their families, homes, means of income to be covered by the Blood of Jesus for protection and provision. Ask for His presence to be with us so that He would take care of the intercessors’ concerns as we take care of the Lord’s concerns through the prayers. If you are the closing team of the day please pray at the end of your shift for that closure time. Thank the Lord for all that was accomplished through the prayers of the intercessors. Ask that anything of us would fall to the ground, but that which was of God and His Holy Spirit would have Kingdom application. Ask that He post His angels around the prayer room and the complex where we are meeting to maintain the prayerful atmosphere, the ‘spiritual connectivity’. Ask that nothing would be lost, so that the next day we could connect in prayer again and not lose ground in the spiritual realm.
  1. The shift of prayer in which you serve is not a time to minister to one another for our own personal needs. That is not our purpose in this assignment and is a distraction from our heavenly assignment to provide cover through prayer for the conference. Our purpose during the conference and breakout sessions is to pray and worship in order to provide an atmosphere for the Lord to work. As we come into agreement with God and Heaven, God inhabits the praises of His people and saturates the area of the meeting with His presence and influence. Psalm 22:3 (KJV) “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel.”
  1. We do not pray for the intercessors’ personal needs. Often, however, we will receive written prayer requests from conference attendees, speakers, etc., or they may come to the prayer room for prayer. Our leaders encourage this, since attendees are in full time ministry and this is a rare opportunity for them to have prayer. Over the years we have had emergency prayer for family members back home, or sickness that hits an attendee at the conference. Please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in this special time of ministry. If anyone from the conference comes to the prayer room, invite them to sit and share their request and receive prayer as you are led. The prayer of agreement is often what manifests, and the Lord brings a scripture to our minds. Meet the person at the level of faith they are exhibiting. If they ask prayer for a surgery or doctor appointment, don’t try to convince them for divine healing. Meet them at their faith level and proceed as led by the Lord.
  1. Since there will be prayer teams from various backgrounds as well as attendees from various denominations, we need to be aware of different prayer temperaments. We cannot assume anything in that regard. In order to accomplish working together and ministering to all who come for prayer, keeping unity as our overall goal, it is helpful to prefer one another in prayer. Please avoid various prayer style issues that can divide and disrupt the prayer time. In personal ministry with an attendee asking for prayer, allow men to minister to other men, and ladies to minister to ladies. If you are used to “laying on of hands” please ask the person if you can place a hand on their shoulder, mindful again of comfort levels.